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    Russell Libby LB2CAT Military Division Endurance Racer

    RUSSELL LIBBY LB2CAT 2009 National Military Division Warrior

    LB2CAT 2009 National PWC Offshore Championships

    AWA and Socal Watercraft Club Member competes in the first ever PWC Military division for endurance racing. Russell is a former Marine, and proudly represented the Marine Corps in his inagural Endurance Race, garnering a second place national rank.

    Russell Libby


    Race Boat Make/# :
    Honda F12x, #234

    Military Open

    Time for the race:
    84 minute official time, 75:28 GPS'd time

    Placing for the Race:

    Picture taken by Young

    Why did you choose the class you raced in and what does it mean to you?
    As a former Marine, this class allowed me to represent the Corps, as well as those that have served our military both past and present.

    Your position as best you could determine on the start?
    Far left side of the field, 30 yds from a former USMC officer that we all know and love.

    What did you do the day before, any preparation?
    I knew the day before that I was as ready as I could possibly be, had everything squared away with nothing left to chance, and was comfortable knowing that there was nothing left to do.

    So I cleared my mind, focused on the current moment, and tried to enjoy the day with friends and family.

    What were you thinking of the night before?

    I had a beer, wished the family good night, and my head hit the pillow at 8:30pm. I knew there would be plenty of time in the morning to entertain the butterflies.

    Why did you choose the boat you raced?
    It was what I owned, and as the saying goes "you run what you brung".

    What time did you wake up!
    3:00 am

    2 Hours out of the race, what were you doing?
    Uploading my GPS track logs from both my handheld units in order to evaluate my overall performance; mainly in the area of naviagtion abilities.

    1 Hour out of the race what were you doing?
    Washing my ski, hanging out with family, and riding a high like no other.

    What was your first thought when you picked your position in the lineup for the start? What were you looking for?
    Was happy with the spot as I was shooting for the wings.

    When your riding a slower ski, you first thought is to stay the heck out of everyone elses way.

    As the start went off, and you passed the Queens Gate (harbor mouth) What was going through your mind?
    The angst and knots that I had felt since 3 am finally started to disappear. Just needed to get moving, and I was at peace.

    How was the first 10 miles of the race for you?
    The calm seas were against me as running a (barely) 60 mph ski I was hoping that my endurance training would become more of a factor. Other than that, the body was feeling good.

    When you came to the turnaround boat, how were you feeling? How was your boat doing in those conditions?
    I had been running with the middle of the pack up until the turn boat, and at that point it was time to let it all hang out. I ran it hard, and made sure I was running to the right coming home, knowing that the swell/current direction would be pushing us all to the left.

    The ski was doing ok, short of nearly throwing me a couple of times after catching deep troughs caused by passing boats.

    Half Way back did you hit a psychological or physical wall? How did you overcome it?
    Fortunately no.

    My body was feeling good short of minor back pain, and I did not experience my hands or feet going numb, which happens to me often.

    I just kept moving my feet, re-adjusting my grip, and vocally yelling at myself within my helmet to push it harder.

    Any mechanicals failures?
    I was riding a mainly stock Honda, what more needs to be said?

    Did you have any 'Battles' during the race with other competitors you especially enjoyed?
    I was running within a few hunded yards of 3 of our SoCal racers for most of the first half, and I just could not shake them. I would pass, only to be passed up.

    The turn boat was the turning point for me, as it was there that I pulled away from the group.

    Then when we were within 4 to 5 miles of the gate, I saw Mike Arnold to my left and the water flattening out ahead.

    It was a losing battle for me, and making the judgement call to cut behind the tanker vs in front cost me much needed time.

    By the time we were inside the gate Mike had a solid lead on me and he kept it till the end.


    All my riding partners for the past 3 months; special thanks to Mike Golf for everything.


    My Family



    What advice would you give to recruit other racers to this event?
    Do not be intimidated, but do not take it lightly either.

    If you commit, then commit with mind, body, and spirit.

    I quit smoking (after 20+ years), and that is one thing I will always have as a take away from this.

    I rode EVERY weekend, and I exercised daily in order to prepare myself for this.

    If you do everything you can to prepare, then win lose or draw you will be content knowing that you did everything you could.

    No one can take that away.

    Run it hard, run it fast, and ALWAYS respect those beside you...

    Mike Arnold, L, and Russell Libby at the podium thanking the USMC and those who have lost thier lives and those who are serving our Nation's military forces

    Russell Libby will also be supporting a Charity Ride on September 11-12, 2009 for the United Warrior Survivor Foundation

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    and Russell is a nice guy too. Good job Russell, and good interview too !

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