The 2009 PWCOFFSHORE Award For Excellence
Mr. Steve Friebe is Recognized for his Superior Efforts
in PWC Offshore Endurance Racing

Sierra Alpha

ex·cel·lence (ěk'sə-ləns) n.
  1. The state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority.
  2. Something in which one excels.
Oftentimes do you fumble for the meaning for a word, yet use it so casually the depth of its merit is lost? Those of us on the Race Team have a living legend that we are able to not only compare that word, but honor the person who bears it's namesake. Meet our Mr. Steve Friebe. Technical advisor and recently retired offshore & endurance PWC Racer Steve Friebe was awarded "The PWCOFFSHORE Award For Excellence" for his actions both on and off the racecourse. This award was given to him while he was working at the LB2CAT registration the day prior to the event. But he earned it many years prior.

This year's LB2CAT Offshore National Race lineup was vacant on the water without the familiar Friebe Machine racing ahead. I looked over my left shoulder and imagined his Friebeized race boat hitting my visuals with his trailing wake as I wished him bon voyage from back in the pack. Steve instead took the position of overseer. Yes, he was in service to all of us who were given the green flag.

He was the technical advisor and conducted 2 days worth of inspections on boats and safety gear. A royal headache I can imagine, but Friebe cool and collected staid the steady course amongst racers like myself scrambling to get collected. His calm and assured manner relegates a professional image that compliments our endurance race community. Character such as Steve's is garnered from experience, wisdom and the ever present passion that all competitors are fueled by.

Friebe has such a diverse and layered talent, he is truly the 'Wizard of Offshore'. His hands have molded the top offshore race boats for years. Racers drive from hundreds of miles to Clawson's Motorsports in Fresno California to be able to get the opportunity to have Friebe update much needed horsepower and mechanical solutions.

Most know Steve for his accomplishments on the race course over decades of successful PWC racing and for being one of the best PWC Technicians in the United States. Those who know him personally know his integrity, character, leadership ability and eye for detail like no other. One of the best human beings you will ever meet if you are so fortunate.

Steve Friebe continues to be an inspiration to the PWCOFFSHORE Race Team and the PWC Offshore racing community. The longer I know Steve, the more respect I feel towards him. Respect is never a gift, it is earned through a personal journey of sacrifice and understanding that encompasses the value of a man's presence. This is the view I have when I speak Steve's name, it is carried with reverence. Our entire PWC Offshore community gets it.

Steve started racing jet skis back in 1999 and was hooked immediately. The long endurance races are his favorite due to all of the additional requirements such as perfect fuel stops, quick rider changes and an effective race strategy. Steve says, ”the best part about racing is all the great people you get to meet and hang out with.” Steve estimates that he has done the Long Beach to Catalina and back training ride approximately 30 times. Steve's most prized accomplishment was winning the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race in 2006

Steve isn't pinning a throttle across the finish line after 2009, the LB2CAT was a difficult race for our team not to be running across the channel with our hero, but his boats are going to continue to carry racers to the podium. Steve Friebe will still be winning. The only difference is he will be championing the next generation of racers and we are fortunate he has the duality of talent to work both aspects. One reason he is so keen on boat designs and tactics. If you want to know how to go, 'Ask Our Pro'. Steve Friebe,
We Appreciate You.


Did you know Friebe's team set a World Record in Endurance Racing? Know your Sport!

2004 SALTON SEA 400 Mile Endurance Race
Victorious in that quest was the Overall team of Steve Friebe, Charley Evans and Larry Ham (SeaDoo RXP – Clawson Motorsports, RPM Jet Ski Racing, Riva Yamaha, Hydro-Turf, and Team Crazy); as they completed the seven-hour race logging 52 laps around the 8.1-mile racecourse, in a time of 7:00:47 hrs. When multiplying the number of laps versus the distance of each lap, the total came up to 421.2 miles! Never has any team ridden so long and for such distance to set the world record.

Overall 2008 DJSA Endurance Race
Steve Friebe wins the DJSA Endurance Race in November of 2008 in Northern California. Friebe sponsored by and Clawson Motorsports of Fresno California takes no prisoners at the November endurance race on the Delta in Northern Cal. The key to Steve's success? Superior prior planning and practice. Steve arrived a day early and ran the course in preparation for the multiple waypoint turns and got to know the course. Not to mention the fact that Steve had his craft pushing 80 mph reliably. Its our opinion that Steve's mechanical ability with the SeaDoo is second to none. Friebe continues to excel in offshore and endurance racing!

Steve Friebe's Race History:
Years riding 21.

2006 Seadoo RXP 2006 National Team Endurance Champion Winner of The Mark Hahn Memorial 300
New World Record 4 hours 50 Minutes (2006)
East West Texas Cup Overall Winner 2005 USWRA Supercourse Rankings
1st in Masters Class 2005 USWRA Supercourse Rankings
1st in Pro-am 4 stroke Superstock 2005 Teamsport Racing Supercourse Series Masters Class Champion 2005 Teamsport Racing Supercourse Series 3rd overall
Pro-am 4 stroke superstock 2004 BP Motorsports endurance series 2nd overall
Overall Winner Team 400 Endurance Race
3rd Overall Long Beach to Catalina Race
9th Overall World Finals Super Course Race
3rd Overall APBA Sprint Race Series 2003 BP Motorsports endurance series Champion
Class Champion Long Beach to Catalina race
3 overall wins out of four team races 2002 IJSBA / BP Motorsports endurance series 7th overall
Masters Class Champion in Gran Prix series
Class Champion Long Beach to Catalina race

2007 Race Results:
Region 1: Mark Hahn Memorial 11th overall 7th pro-am 4 Stroke
SCSC Spring Classic Parker AZ, 1st overall, 1st pro-am open.
Long Beach to Catalina 5th overall, 5th proam.

Region 2: Clearlake Supercourse, 3rd overall, 2nd pro-am open.
Camp Far West Supercourse, 1st overall, 1st proam open.

Region 5: Team Sport Supercourse series,
1st am-vets, 7th pro-am open.

Texas Cup Challenge, 1st am-vets, 6th pro-am open.

Supercourse Nationals, 1st am-vets, 4th pro-am open.

APBA Supercourse high points for 2007
1st am-vets 4th pro-am open
2nd place overall in the 2008 Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race
2008 Long Beach to Catalina Offshore National Championship - 7th overall.

"Famous Friebe"