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    Honda Performance Issues!

    I have been doing some studying on the Honda PWC.
    I am in the market for a used one soon, and I would like to get Honda F12X.
    I have read that you have to make sure the Turbo is maintained!
    How do I look out for a good Turbo?
    Also, I heard that the will porpose a little in some small chop. Will a R&D grate make a difference?
    Also, is there a noticable Turbo lag?
    I was also thinking of the macboost chip too?
    I am looking for a reliable ski (aka Honda motors in general)
    that handles great with 1 amd 2 people, and is a blast to ride solo!
    My only experiance on skis are a 1999 GP800, a 1997 Yamaha Wave Venture 1100, and a Polaris Genesis.
    I would like to hear what you all have to say!

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    I just bought a brand new f12x (06) and it really runs good. It does have some turbo lag, porpoises sometimes in slight chop, but cuts really good and overall handling is very good.
    You MUST maintain the turbo and other lube points. I have been told that this will make it last. If you don't, it wont. Also, after each ride it is a good idea to leave the seat off and tub out of the front and hood up to allow air to circulate/dry things. Condensate will be present and is the enemy.

    By the way, went on a group trip to Lake Naciamento and 15 ski's were present. 8 were Honda's. That surprised me.

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    the R12X is like a very fast gp800. The F12X is way better handling and wave jumping than the venture. The genisis is darn near a boat, isn't it?

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    I've not ridden an R model, much as I'd like to but none of the ski's you mentioned compare to the F model. I've had a GP 800 and 1200 and a 97 sea doo. All were fun but when you pull the trigger on the turbo is when it really gets fun. I do mostly river and lake riding and have no desire for any other ski.

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