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    Motec & autronics???

    hello, just wondering whats goin on... all the yamaha guys are going crazy over the motec fully programable computers and they are getting amazing results... i know the motec for sea-doo isnt out yet but they do have autronics... how come more people arent running it. are the results not as desirable?? is the motec a better setup? or do seadoo's come better tuned from the factory so its not needed as much and obviously results would be less compared to the yamaha?
    whats everyone thinking?

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    Motec is working on a plug and play system for the Seadoo's. Won't be long!

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    I think the main reason the yamaha guys are going to the motec is because it gets rid of all the stupid limiters that yamaha set to de-tune them and make sure they would last longer than the warranty. As of now the motec is the best thing going for them.

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    I think people are using Riva, Rotax, Seadoo Centre because they can pick what RPM range they want. Yamaha does not have this option.

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    thanks guys Jerry, i know its coming soon but if the Autronics hasnt been a big hit for the seadoo what will be different about the Motec. how does it differ from the autronics.

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    Autronic has been available for the 4tec for a few years with Les Cooke from the Sea-Doo centre and have won a fair few titles.

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    Motec will be a Plug and play. It will plug into the stock wiring harness and run the factory dash plus some other features. The performance increase on the stock seadoo will not be like the Yamaha Because the yammaha was so detuned. My suggestion to you would be is to go to websites of both companys and down load software for both ECU.s and look what you get. Motec also has a great dealer network around the U.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    Motec is working on a plug and play system for the Seadoo's. Won't be long!

    About time something different is coming out... I just hope price will be fair and performance will be great compare to the other modules....

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    come on you all can do better than that! get the bats out and start swinging. you are all being so nice. ha ha still havent seen anything swaying me to one or the other. the only info is that motec will be out soon and they are both plug and play! any guesses on average increase in performance with autronics or motec. obviously various depending on setup but just for fun use 2 similar setups.

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