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    96 xp smoke in the hull

    i seem to be getting more smoke inside the hull than usual and it is running like crap? wher do i start?

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    try some nicotine gum and get it to cut back

    Rubber coupler on exhaust feel in and make sure no holes

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    check exhaust for rust thru holes etc

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    have you taken the pipe apart recently? if you have you may not have gotten it back together right. check your rubber exhaust hose after the water box. you may have burnt a hole through it. if you have, your water injection on the pipe is not working correctly. or as stated previously, one of the welded caps on the pipe has a hole in it but if thats the case you would probly have water too.

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    copper ring not sealed

    check the gasket where the two halves of the pipe join up using a compression clamp. there is a copper o-ring gasket there. supposed to use copper gasket spray to seal it when replacing it. gasket may be bad or not sealed. i used black rtv from permatex, sealed my exhaust leak.

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    thanks i will do al those things

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    more than normal? you shouldn't have any. I'd start at the stinger to waterbox hose, then the exit hose over the vts. if they're melted also check the water regulator. unless it backfired and blew a hose off...good luck

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