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    SLT750 OP Vortex Flame Arrestors/Studs

    Ok, SO i went to install some used F/As from Starflight, and I think they needed spacers but neither of use were aware of them cause when fully tightened the top and bottom are not tight around the filter element, trying to remove them, the top nylon nut just come loose. So instead of using a wrench and two washers each time I want to buy a little threar remover tool, my ski is at the shore and when I go work on it I only have a few hours here and there, so could anyone tell me the thread or bolt size of those studs so I can buy the proper tool online before heading down there?

    I would just measure it but its 3 hours away lol, thanks!

    BTW the installation instructions from Keddano in the tech section have to be misprinted, the whole unit (each of the three F/As) is simply 3 studs and three lock nuts. The pdf instructions say to attach the bottom using 3 existing screws and attach the top using 2, 5/16 inch screws....?? I think someone scanned the wrong page maybe?

    Thanks again!

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    Did you try flipping the studs upside down?

    The end with MORE threads should be mounted to the carb. With the least threads going through the top and using the nut to secure.

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