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    2003 900 STX NO Fire

    The ski has no fire. When I first cranked it the fire was intermittent it would crank 10 times in a row then would not. On spark test the spark was real weak. With a shot of fuel down the tubes it would crank anyway but then I lost all spark. I pulled the front cover and inspected the pickup but I do not have a manual for it as I normally work on seadoo. Im curious if you guys have any ideaís or specís to test the ignition system. I hate to just throw parts at it not knowing what may be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not following you on the "front cover"...whats that?..the EB cover?Have you checked if the EB is still waterproof? Lots of gremlins reside in there waiting for some water intrusion so they can fuk stuff up & generally frustrate you. Lots of harnesses in there can get corroded & loose connections. I'd start there & work your way back from the + connection of the battery.

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    Cover from front of engine (stator) I have opened the electrical box and everything looks good except the voltage regulator , a little corrosion on outside of it.

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    I would pull all the connectors loose and grease them. I have seen the connectors be the problem. I have also replaced a few CDI on thoses skis

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