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    06 SMC Hull durability and reliability questions?

    Hey all,

    I just got my 06 GP1300R and have some questions regarding the SMC hull. First off, I noticed when i got mine that the center of the hull underneath the jet ski looks a little bit dull, like the person was beaching it occassionally and put some fine scratches in it. My first question is does this affect the reliability or durability of the hull, when it is beached? Second, how strong is this SMC compared to the fiberglass hulls, and how thick are they? Are there any real big "issues" at all with SMC hulls that I should be aware of?



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    The pump tunnel needs to be reinforced. But besides that I haven't heard of any other issues with the hull. Beaching the ski can cause damage if your driving it into the sand or rock all the time but just carefully placing it on the beach isn't an issue. Take picture of the bottom of the hull if you can

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