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    99' Ultra 150 8 mph max

    I have a 1999 Ultra 150. I just pulled the pump, checked the clearance and bearings for damage and found none. The damper spilt so I ordered a new part from Kawasaki and replaced it. I reassembled and reinstalled. I took it out to the lake today to ride and my problem is that it idles great BUT when I accelerate to try to plane it won't. The ski will stay moving all the way up to 4000 rpms and then the rpms shoot up to 6000+ rpms and it feels as if the ski stalls out. It goes a max of 8mph and it will not plane.

    This happens when cold or warm, no warning lights and the engine sounds and feels normal. This is the first time I have tried with this ski in this season. Last time I used the ski it ran like a champ.

    Now here is the kicker. If I put the trim all the way down, this problem does not exist and it hooks up, shoots out and off I go.

    This only happens when THE TRIM IS ALL THE WAY UP! Im puzzled as I have never ran into this problem and I cannot seem to find anyone with the same.

    Thanks for your help!


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    sounds like something in the pump like a birds nest?

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    might be the hourglass seal

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    You got an air leak somewhere arround the shoe or plate is what it sounds like to me.

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    YOu have something either loose causing an air leak when nozzle is pulled upwards but definately air induced>Marvin

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