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    2003 fx140

    are the fx140 ski's any good i'm about to buy one in a non-running condition with a double trailer for less than 2000 but i have no idea what could be the problem is there any common problems these ski's have?

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    Make sure you bring a compression gauge and do a compression check.

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    bring a mirror for visual inspection. some tools to remove the valve cover to check to see if its still on time, make sure it didn't skip cam timing. Like the other member stated bring a compression gauge. maybe a set of plugs if you are trying to get it to run before you purchase. can of starting fluid. possibly oil. Some fresh gas. a spark tester. Prety much covers it for tools needed and things to check. this is normaly what we bring when going to a customers dock or house to get their ski to run on a service call.
    Thinks that go wrong on the fx is timing chain tensioner and chain skips teeth most likely bending intake valves. After they sit moisture and condensation collects in the engine and they don't want to start. Check the throttles earlier ones had a recall that the return springs were weak or would break and throttles would stick wide open.
    all the best, Steve

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