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    Ok, so I think I have a big problem...

    So I worked on the ski a bit. Cleaned the plugs, charged the battery. Started it up and gunned it a few times. Still smoking. Started it up again and it seemed like it started to clear out. It did and before I knew it, there was hardly any smoke coming out of it and the motor started to smooth out a bit.

    So I hoocked up garden hose to it and let it keep running and water starts coming out of the exhaust pipe and the smoke is back. Quite a bit of water. Did I blow a head gasket? How difficult is it to replace? I havnt done much research on it yet.

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    Unless I'm misunderstanding your entire post you're machine is OK. No water will come out of the exhaust when the hose is off but it is supposed to when the hose is on. When you add water to the hot exhaust you will get some steam because the two are interacting and on top of that its a 2-stroke so its gonna smoke some.


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    A compression test should show if you got a blown head gasket. Plus when you pull the plugs to do it you would se signs of water on the plugs. Worst case doing head gaskets is easy.

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    Hmm... I didnt know water should be coming out of the exhaust pipe with garden hose attached. Im kind of new at this 2 stroke thing. Even though I had ski for over a year now, I didnt have to do anything to it last year, it ran like a champ all year long.

    I did compression test and it shows 105 psi on all 3 cylinders. Seems a bit low, but all 3 are exactly the same.

    Now, Im using the NGK br9es plugs. And as I was searching, I found a tthread saying that on 99 ultras I should be using some other plugs. Is that correct?

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    1999 Plugs


    It will depend on when your ski was manufactured, Early models pre June I think depending on your vin number will require the expensive plugs or check on your flame arrestor should say on there.

    Good luck.


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    Did a bit more digging about spark plugs and found this:

    It says HIN 41804 and above you can use the BR9ES. Anything below, you have to use NGK R6918C-9. Also, NGK R6918C-9 is a higher performance plug and can be used on any ultra and will increase top end speed. From my understanding, these are gold plated and run about $30 per plug. $100 shipped for 3 plugs is kind of steep, especially if you are not that interested in hitting top end all the time, like me. I just enjoy the ski and most of the time use it to pull tube or wakeboard behind it.

    Now, my win# is kaw44143e999. Is the 'hin' # the 5 digit number in the middle? Because if so, it would mean that I can run cheaper plugs, which is what I had in it since i bought it with under 100 hrs on it. And now with almost 130 Im still running those. I've hit 71 with the ski before and since I put the new plugs in (according to onboard speedo), which is way faster than I go on daily basis, so I've really had no performance concerns. But Im all about playing it safe and will spend more money if it would mean my ski will last longer. Am I using the right plug or should I switch to the more expensive one?

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    I'm trying to get a picture here so here are a few questions.

    Is the water inside the hull?? Is the smoke inside the hull? Is the smoke black or grey or is it white?

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    Oh, this is in regards to my previous thread. There is no water in hull other than a small amount on the very bottom that has yet to dry. Smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe. Its white and gets pretty thick.

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    I just saw your other post. white smoke usually means water which could be leaking into your exhuast. You should pull the exhaust pipe off the manifold and check it for clean spots which indidcate water is washing off the soot. if its not there then check your plugs for water on them and then pull your heads and see if you have a head gaskt blown or loose heads.

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    Also, is oil gage failure a common thing? Mine is showing 2 bars, but it looked awful low. The tube was dark though so the oil should be getting to carb. I cleaned everything yesterday after checking compression, added more oil, turned my idle down (it was kind of high, at almost 2500), sprayed some carb cleaner into cylinders, and it seems like it runs normal now. Doesnt smoke as much and motor runs a bit smoother. I gonna try to take it out on the water today and see what it does.

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