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    Exclamation Solas Impeller hook-up

    I just finished a few mods on my Ultra, having to replace a damaged pump and impeller, I figued it was a good time to experiment. I installed a R&D intake grate, a 1 deg. pump wedge, and a Solas Concorde 16/21 KX-CD.

    I was pretty disappointed on my first test run. Hook-up was horrible,there was about a 1/4 second where it hit the rev limiter, then the ski finally hooks-up. On the top end I'm only pulling about 7550 RPMS and my digital speedometer runs a consistent 68 MPH (yes, I know not an accurate measure).

    My ski was down for several weeks so its hard to get a feel of any gains. MY stock set-up hooked-up much better and the top speed was about the same if not better. I'm sitting here going, "what was the point".

    To make matter worse, when I dive into a hairpin turn the prop breaks loose again and again hits the rev limiter.

    Anyone have a suggestion? Is it the prop? My ski seems like its just not getting enough water and the prop is cavatating. I do have the damaged prop and was thinking about sending it out to be welded and tweaked a bit. The stock pitch is 12/20. I'm almost thinking a 14/20 would be a happy medium.

    I want to do the timing mod, but seems kind of pointless unless all I want to do is go in a straight line.

    Anyone have actual experience or a well educated idea of what's going on here?
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    You need more power to turn that 16/21 (timing mod will help that), as far as the cavitating I would check the clearance between the prop and the housing..........

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    solas will always cavitate, its a top speed prop. stock is 13/19. get impros to bend your stock one depending on what mods you have and what you are after.

    skat 12/20 is the schiz for acceleration but loose 2-3 mph top end. stock prop is the best alrounder.

    Keen to try the 09 prop, anyone done it yet on a modded 250.

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    Thanks for the input. I will have the impeller fit checked. I did consider the 260 prop, it has a new design & different pitch, but I kept reading about a possible loss of speed on the top end.

    TN, I read you go green project post... whew. A lot of work to end up being disappointed. How about a re-worked Solas???

    What I don't get is loosing everything on very hard and sharp turns. I know that the intake grate is just about out of the water, but I had far less of a problem with the stock set-up.

    I looked at all the restriction of the R&D intake and kind of am thinking all that metal is getting in the way of flow from a stop or very low speeds. I'm sure it's scooping up water like a mad man at mid and top speeds.

    I'm going to get out tomorrow, slam a gps on it get real numbers, then do the timing mod.

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    I use the r&d grate no issues. I doubt its your grate.

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