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    What a day... :-(

    Well, a few days ago, I installed the riva free flow exhuast and R&D sponsons. The exhaust was a b*tch! Anyways, I take it on the water to show up an rxt and I'm surprised that we're running the same speed. Monday, I was running 67.8. Today, the most that I could do was 65.8 at the same rpms (7800). I was disappointed, as I should have gotten the same speed, if not a hair more. Before the sponsons, turning did not exist at high speed. the sponsons have restored the stock bite, if not a little more. We come up to a bridge, so I slow down, but the ski goes to 3000 rpm at idle. Had to wake the bridge. we went a few more miles and landed on a small beach. I found that the nut on the throttle body had vibrated off, and the shaft had vibrated forward. I removed it completely and rpms went back to 1300 at idle.

    We head out to do some more skiing. As we exit the no wake zone, I floor the throttle (first time of the day), the ski jumps to 7800, then 7000 then 6000 5000 4 3 2 1 700 dead. tried restarting, it hit 700 rpm and immediately died. I noticed that the ski was sinking. I yelled to my friend to tow me to the beach. once on the beach, I found that the exhaust pipe had popped out of the exhaust exit's coupler. F*$#!!! We were 15 miles away from the closest dock, and it would take 3 hours to tow back at 5mph. luckily, I had packed some tools with me. on the beach, I removed the muffler tip, covered it with a ziploc. I started cupping the brackish water out of the ski as it was up to the BOTTOM of the throttle body. I removed several inches of water and removed the inlet to the throttle body and secured it with a ziploc. I removed the rest of the connections to the intercooler, and zip tied the hull plugs above water level. removed the intercooler and no water came from the air sides. I began trying to get the pipe in the coupler and clamp. it took me two hours to get the clamp hand tight. I have about 30 cuts on my waterlogged hands and was getting eaten by minnoes the entire time. I couldnt tighten the clamp even with a swivel socket and extension bars! as I'm wrapping everything up, some boats go zipping by the beach (no wake). The customary cussing begins with arms thrown up in the air as their wake had knocked half of my tools into the water and in the sand. once everything was mostly secured, I put it all back together and tested the cylinders and airbox for water. none no water in oil. got it on the water and it ran. The supercharger belt was throwing up a waterfountain. I opened up the hull stoppers and ran at 3000 rpms for a good distance. afterwards, there was only a puddle in the bottom of the ski. got to the dock, did my thing and went home. I just soaked the engine with fresh water, let it puddle up to where the original water level was. opened up the hull stoppers and drained. now its sitting under a box fan drying.

    Now come the questions:

    Is there any way to secure the rear clamp from the exit to the u bend?
    have R&D sponsons slowed down any craft? is it possible to install the R&D sponsons upside down? I have the ribs facing down on each side.
    should I do anything additional to the ski to fix/check the water intrusion?
    I have also noticed that since I've installed the 1 degree wedge, the steering was off. the waterbox delete may have also played a factor in this. any tips? adjusting the steering cable is tricky, as its hard to allign the nozzle with the handle bars.

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    Sponsons slow you down.

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