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    Home Maintenance and Warrenty

    Does changing your own oil and other maintenance void the warranty? I worked on aircraft for 20 years and am fully capable of doing a lot of maintenance myself. I am wondering if they can void my warranty if I change my own oil etc...? If not what type proof would I need to maintain the warranty?

    If anyone knows? I got the 5 year warranty special on an 08 RXT, and I do not want to void it.

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    I would say no! It really depends on your dealer and how he approaches warranty issues!

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    what kind of aircraft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEX-X View Post
    what kind of aircraft?

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    My guess is that you are more capably of changing your oil than the jackass 15 yr. old doing it down at the dealership Do it yourself... and just in case... keep all your receipts for the oil and filter (use OEM filter) and document the hours on the receipt when it was changed.

    P.S. Don't overfill it... they run and smoke like hell

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