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    GPR VX conversion

    Has it been tried yet?

    I got a VX Sport (110 HP). Don't want to spend a lot of $$$ just wondering what it would take to do it?

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    a stock GPR is 155hp... putting a VX engine would be putting a smaller engine in there..

    no real point in it to me

    nobody on this forum has done this where they have posted about it..

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    Its been done here in miami. Ive seen it with my own eyes. It runs pretty well. No advantage over a regular gpr speedwise. But it does handle the chop better. im talking about a gp1300r motor inside a vx hull.

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    I`ll bet the VX motor sips fuel compared to the 1300...

    if ya had a spare hull, and the engine and harness, I think it would make for a decent 50-52mph rec ski...
    dose it even fit tho?

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    it will be a step down power wise for sure. stock 1200 is 155hp, 1300 is 170 hp. you will definitely have a sub 60mph ski that gets good gas mileage. should be a very simple swap. probably easier than mine. check it out.

    the only real fab work is connecting the exhaust.

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