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    94 SL750 cylinders full of gas now battery goes dead!!!!

    hello everyone and thanks in advance for any help i may recieve. i have 2 problems with my ski i will make it as short as possible but i want to include all info so you can give an educated guess at what the problems are and how to solve/fix them. 1) i went out about 3 weeks took ski for a drive and it ran and drove fine no problems everything worked as it should. i parked it. and it sat until last week end. i went to take it for a drive i did my normal routine when i checked the gas i noticed it was empty i removed the storage tray and looked at the tank it was almost bone dry. i removed the gas cap swoosh big release of pressure from the tank not suction pressure. so i figured a breather or something was clogged. i added 5 gallons of gas and went to start it nothing but a click. i removed the spark plugs and tried it again and when it turned over gas shot 3 to 4 feet straight up out of all 3 cylinders!!! ok i know where the gas went lol. tank pressurerized forced gas thru carbs filled cylinders. so i tirned over cleared cylinders put in new spark plugs and she fired ran good a littel rough at first but cleared up and was good. so i parked it 2 days latter wanted to check it out tried to start it battery was dead i mean dead 00.00 volts on the meter removed positive volts jumped to 4.43 volts so i have a draw. i got a brand new battery 12.43 volts on my meter hooked up get a spark volts drop to 10.40 and kind of hoover around there i get no spark and my mfd has a blinking red and "lopr" which i assume means low power. my questions are this 1 were is the pressure release for the fuel tank i found a 1 way check valve to let air into tank to keep from getting negative pressure and vapor locking the fuel system. but i am thinking that when the cylinders filled with fuel i may have flooded the stator area and ground out the stator i need help to track down this problem i looked on here and have herd people talk about L?? moduels etc.. i need help

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    The 1994 models had a different vent system than 1995.

    You may want to upgrade the venting system to the 1995 style, which has two pressure check valves. One lets excess pressure out, the other lets pressure in.

    There have been some posts about this, and I think someone listed the 1995 fuel tank venting part numbers, and the parts diagrams.

    What happened to the fuel selector valve?
    One of the reasons that valve has an OFF position is to prevent fuel from forcing its way past the carbs when the machine is sitting. Never leave the fuel valve turned ON when you are not riding.

    Fuel vapors inside a PWC hull are a real explosion hazard, and there have been a number of cases of PWC exploding, with people sometimes badly hurt or killed.

    Where can I get a replacement fuel selector valve (On-Off-Reserve)?
    The Polaris selector valve is no longer available, but the 1995 Yamaha Wave Blaster Fuel Selector valve may be a good replacement

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    Welcome Kellyoc where do you ride in Michigan? I am from Michigan as well.. If anyone can help you with your problem it's K447 can.. Cya Slick

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