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    Extended BEST warranty

    Hey all,

    Im new to the forums, just bought a 2009 Sea Doo RXT-X. I chose to get the 2800 in rebates rather than the warranty promotion, and now am considering to purchase the warranty. The thing is, the 5 yr warranty is 2500 bucks, more than I wanted to spend.

    I saw in here someone works for Seadoo and can offer extended warranties for discounts. Can anyone set me up with his name so I can PM him?

    I think I saw people were spending around 800 for 3 years of coverage, I would love to do this as 800 is much more reasonable.

    Any info on whether I should buy the BEST warranty would be appreciated.

    Thanks all!


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    Ended up getting a killer deal with the warranty and cover...I now have 5 years of best protection. Time to get the license

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    Welcome to the forum.
    That's great news, what was the deal you got and where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    Welcome to the forum.
    That's great news, what was the deal you got and where?

    I got the ski from Crazy Freddys out in Massepequa Long Island.

    09 RXT-X
    10,400 with the promo rebates, then I also got the extended 5 yr warranty for $2000 and a free cover.

    Out the door was just over the retail price of the ski with taxes and charges. Also got the 99 dollar payments.

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    Opps, it sounds like you paid $1-k for the cover. Check this out:

    You can buy the best warranty from any Sea Doo dealer and use it at any Sea Doo dealer... Ron

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