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    tps setting question...what should the degrees be at?

    I have set my TPS several times however on this one machine the TB was completely broken down and I am not sure if when adjusting the TPS whether the "degrees" works hand in hand. I had to loosen the TPS and mess with the cable in order to get it at .875 for one machine without having my "degrees" for the petal opening going out of control.

    I had recently set my 1390 to .900 volts and the degrees come out to about 5.4 if my memory serves me correctly...

    question is:

    is there a way to default the tps back? I can only get the ski to idle if I slightly and i mean slightly thumb the throttle and it'll idle a bit low then. What I mean in "defaulting" the tps is actually setting my throttle cable to default and then setting the tps to the correct position. Let me know..


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