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    STX 15f Meter Assembly


    It looks like my meter assembly has gone bad. Initially, it would sort of lock up. Some of the LCD Segments would be permanently lit and no information would be updated. The display would remain lit for up to an hour after the ski was turned off. Randomly, it would reset itself and work normally for a while. Now, the display is just dark and the ski appears to be stuck in limp home mode. Occasionally the display will magically run through the beep beep diagnostic, thus enabling the ski to work normally until it sits long enough for the display to power off again.

    My questions: Is the meter assembly a direct swap? Do I need the diagnostic software/leads to replace this unit or can I bolt the replacement assembly in and go? Also, do I need to remove the entire housing, steering and all to do so? I haven't found a good diagram to answer that question. Basically, are there any caveats i should know about in replacing this unit?

    Thank you!

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    I have had the exact same issues with my 2005 12f right before the engine threw a rod. The meter would lock up but everything keept running right but when I would turn the ski off the meter would stay on for awhile and then turn off after about 5 min. then I would turn it back on and everything would be fine until it locked up again. I wonder if the meter and the engine throwing a rod has any connection?

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