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    hoses coming loose question

    I bought a brand new left over 2008 Ultra 250X a few months back, have aprox 12 hours so far. Runs great but after reading various post here about horror stories of the engine bay getting filled with water I would like to check all my hoses to make sure they are all tight and this could be eliminated but I am new to jet skis, not new to maintenance issues. I have the factory service manual so I could find all the hoses in question but can someone help with a list of which hoses can be the culprits and also any special tips at getting to them if need be. Thanks, Mike

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    You have a nice ski, I also have an 08, I had around 15 hours on it before I started doing wide open long runs, one day after a long run my ski would not restart, I was out in the middle of the lake and stuck (had to get towed in) the dealer immediatley pulled off the seats and seat tray, looked in the rear and said "yup your the third one this week" apparently the exaust hose popped off of one of the water boxes and flooded the engine compartment with fumes, thats why I could'nt start it. The Tech stated at the factory they will sometimes use grease or some kind of lube in the hoses to make it easier at assembly. If you have time make sure the hoses are all tight, take it from me. I was only on the water for 30 min. had a full tank and got towed in. Good Luck with your ski

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    Use a 1/4 drive ratchet (sp?) (instead of a screw driver) to tighten the clamps, I think most clamps are 6 and 8's..............

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    +1 yeah what he said. Only way to have peace of mind.

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    Happened to me too. My culprit hose was one of the 3 (i think it's 3) under the inter cooler. You can't see them by looking down into the engine compartment, i believe you have to feel for them.

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    I also want to look into this. Any pictures of these hoses or diagrams to help with maintenance?

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    I have the shop manual and in the rear it shows all the hoses and wiring in an exploded drawing, some look to be a bitch to get at, do I need to pull the rear seat mount to get at these, the intercooler has a few on the bottom or in that area and if so what would I run into removing this lower seat mount.

    If someone has the manual and has had hoses come off can they point out the numbers per the manual of those that need checking? It would be of great appreciation. Thanks, Mike

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    yes, you will have to take the rear seat mount off. it's just 4 screws. then you may need a flashlight and mirror to take a look at those hoses under the IC

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    is there any specific hose that is more prone to "popping off"? and there are only 3 of these problem hoses or are there more?

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