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    Nissan HID headlight ballasts possibly make custom HID headlights for any car

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    On ebay now with bids.

    Item number: 260453309121

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    On ebay now with bids.

    Item number: 260453309121
    threw the bulbs away?
    next time throw them my way
    I collect HIDs,dont know why but will try a conversion some day

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    I didnt know that used headlight bulbs had any actual value.

    Feel free to bid on them and add them to your collection.

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    I'm well versed on H.I.D.'s...... This system can actually be used to retrofit anything with a 12 volt power source....The bulbs U threw away are worth 180.00 retail and could easily be sold for 50 each........I have an HID kit on my mountain bike and let me tell you it works extremely well. If anyone is interested I have Phillips HID conversion kits available for any make and model incl. fog light applications as well.The ballasts are fully enclosed and is 100% digital and come in factory 5K,6K,8K colors.......Price is 175.00 Shipped to anyone who wants them.....They are plug and play and are beam pattern corrected.These kits come with a 1 year warranty and are easy to install.

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    The bulbs cost $40 each new from nissan.

    They are used. they could blow tomorrow or not even survive the shippment.

    Now, I SHOULD have kept them for my car when one needs replacement!

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