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    STX 15F Speedo problem

    The speedometer (and trip meter) recently stopped working on my 2004 STX 15F. At one point after a 30 minute ride when I came back into a No Wake Zone the Speedo did register 3 - 8 MPH for a brief time and then stopped working again. I use the trip meter to determine miles and when to fill up with gas. The speed wheel does spin freely.
    Any suggestions for a self fix?

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    unplug the connection and clean it then put di electric grease on it and see what happens


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    I lost my speedo at 15-20 hours (reading 0 mph) but it was covered under warranty, I think they had to replace the box...been good ever since!

    I believe there's a couple troubleshooting steps in the tech manual which is available on the forum here...might want to check that out...

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