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Thread: SLTX 1050!

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    SLTX 1050!

    Anyone own one? What is your thoughts?
    I am looking for a cheap, fast, nice handling ski that is stable with 2 people, and fun with just one!
    I can get a pretty nice 1999 sltx 10550 for @$2000.

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    May 2007
    North Carolina
    Love mine. The hull handles rough water very well and has a top speed of 54-56 in stock trim.

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    Thumbs up SLTX

    We have a '96 SLTX and we love it. With my oldest daughter and I on it we just about max it out on capacity and it has no problem carrying us. Lots of power. Even scared her when we got over 50 with it.

    Clayton G

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    great boat. You won't regret it.

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    Cambridge, Canada
    sweeeet ride... i love mine, it loves doughnuts, huge waves, anything you wanna do it does. the seat is really comfy too with the hump in the seat so you dont slide off !

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    the old style likes to bounce the boys against the seat since its so flat 96 year

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    I've owned my 97 SLTX 1050 since 99, let me tell you that thing is indestructible. The only repairs it's needed is one leaking coolant hose, & one blown fuse. Out of my 3 skis it's the one anyone can ride without a lot of skill. Once you get use to it it will haul some a$$ hitting somewhere around 56 to 58 MPH & for a fairly large ski it carves some pretty mean turns too.

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    saskatchewan , canada
    i got a 98 1050 . wouldn't trade it for anything . i have only had it 2 yrs , but it has never given me an ounce of trouble . and with the tow hook on the back it is great for pulling my kids on the tube . 3 seater is really a comfortable 2 seat , but it handles the waves , and even waves from other boats with comfort . my mfd says 50mph at top speed , but feels faster !!

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    Rochester, NY
    We just purchased 1996 and 1998 SLTXs. So far they are great and impressive machines. No problem for the kids and novices to handle. Experienced riders have been impressed. We tubed behind one yesterday. 55 mph+ and stable.

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