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    temp warning beep... very loud.

    i replaced my battery in a sea doo 2003 gtx 4 tec, and now i cant get the temp warning sound to stop, very loud, any ideas whats happening, and battery is hooked up correctly...

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    your engine is getting hot... don't ride until fixxed.

    Either your closed loop cooling system is out of coolant OR
    you are not getting lake water into the pump to cool
    the pipe.

    There are a few things you'll need to start checking
    to find out where your coolant is going or why you are
    not getting flow in thru pump to pipe/waterbox

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    it hasnt ever done this before, all i did is replace battery, and evey time the machine is turned on it screams that beep noise. hasnt been ran since the first time i heard it but it wont go off as long as battery is hooked up. coolant is full, how do i get it to stop?

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    So it just beeps as soon as you put in dess key???? even
    with engine off??

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    Yeah thats what he means, dose the chk engine light come on?
    if so hit the mode button 5 times or the other one cant remember to get a code, it might be like p-15??.

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    Look at what you did. You must of knocked off a sensor plug or look under your battery you may have pinched the wire harness putting in the battery

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