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    coolant leak from rideplate rubbers and 2 torxheads

    a mates rxp-x is losing a small amount of coolant through the rideplate rubber boots and 2 torx heads.hes already had it repaired once now another 2 have went and a boot also.
    so he asked me to ask is it safe to add a permenant coolant leak repair additive to these 4-tecs?
    its safe to use with anti-freeze and safely seals most leaks in engine blocks,cylinder heads,radiators etc PERMANENTLY.
    it can be used on bike engine car engines etc but hed rather be sure as he has no warrenty on the ski.

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    you shouldnt go so cheap with these machines, I recommend you just drop the ride plate and just take the top cover off and see if you have corrosion, then buy a new seal and jb weld the insides of the 2 hose connections so they dont leak.

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