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    break in period on new 260x

    Just bought a new 260x is there any break in period on a new ski if so what are they any info would be of great help.

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    You'll get a lot of personal opinions about this. Did you get an owners manual? That is a good place to start. I've had 17 different motorcycles, 5 different PWC, 3 boats, 2 tractors, and too many cars & trucks to count. I've broken each in by the recommendations in the owners manual. Never had a problem with any of them.

    My STX15F & STX12F both said for the first 5 minutes, no more than 2,500 RPM.
    During the first five hours no heavy lugging or prolonged full throttle operation. For this period, up to 3/4 throttle is recommended. Vary the operating speed often, not running for a prolonged time at any one speed. Avoid full throttle starts.

    Again, I'd suggest reading your manual, they don't print those just to use up ink. Congrats, and have fun on your new machine.

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    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the 260X. I also just acquired a new 260LX. I was going to run the first tank of gas with my SLO key, but after about 10mins, could not refrain from plugging in the Fast Key. I did however keep the throttle to maybe 80% max. and varied my RPM's in the 4-6,000 range. I've only gone thru about 10gals on my 1st tank. Will take it out again tommorrow for at least another hr. Once I get thru my second tank, it's off to the races!! My 3rd tank will be mostly full throttle. (keep an eye on your oil) If all is well, then I'm set.
    Good Luck.

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    Break it in hard! Most people do with the Ultras. Make sure your hoses are all clamped good and go for it. I take it easy for the first ten minutes but then after I do this with no problems, run it hard. Don't do any prolonged WOT but I do a bunch of momentary WOT. Vary the rpms a lot.

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    See, I told ya'

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    WOT every 5 mins, did this with no problems

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    15 minute warm up then ride it like you stole it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JET250 View Post
    15 minute warm up then ride it like you stole it.
    so true
    just keep the pump in the water

    loaded is the way to a good ring bedding

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    After a couple of heat the sh*t out of it. Want it to last... run the sh*t out of it during break in... want it to be the sh*t out of it during break in. Do some homework on break ins on these types of motors and you'll see. The harder you run them, basically the better. Like mentioned, ride it like you stole it. Look at longevity and hp (dyno) results too from motors broken in suggested by the manual compared to running the sh*t out of it. Its no question in my opinion.

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    the manual says 10 hours on slow key, and 5 hours before you pull a tube. after that your free to ride on your fast key. check oil every time you take it out and change oil after 25 hours.

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