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    Adjusting fuel/oil mix

    I have a 1997 1100 STX and lately it has been burning blue exhaust, the top end speed has also dropped and it is running a little rough at an idle. I have been using quite a bit more oil than my other friends 2 stroke machines. I am thinking that it is running too rich. Does anyone know how to check that and if it is running rich how do I set up the mixture?


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    Remove the oil injection system and mix it yourself. Then you never have to worry about the injection system again.


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    kawas have always used more oil than most other two strokes,they run at 50 to 1 or more,where seadoo run from 50 to 1 to 100 to 1 variable.It think the 3 cylinder kawa (mikuni) oil pumps are and do run richer the older they get.Take it off ,premix and go>Marvin (ps check your spark plugs and change them if fouled ,do not clean ,it doesnt work)>Marvin

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    Good to know

    Thanks Marvin, I keep hearing that I should pre mix. I was hoping to take the easy way out and stay with the injection but will now go to the premix. Gord

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    Heck. The 750 SXI Pro Manual says it mixes the oil at 60:1. Thats sure to cause a little smoke.

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    The easy way out is premix. It took me 20 minutes to do it the first time (block off plate, cap the oil lines, and remove the oil container/lines/and pump.) I never have to pull the motor because of a broken line or failed oil pump.

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