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Thread: Fuel question

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    Fuel question

    When filling up the tank on a Ultra 150, what would adding octane boost to the tank of 90 or 91 pump gas do?

    Anything bad or just slightly higher octane.


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    Mabe add a tenth of a point or so to the octane rating and lighten your walet If you are running stock compression then You are better off running 87oct.

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    Dito....if it's stock run 87 will run better. As 91 burns slower.

    Most octane boosts add about 1 full point of about a half a point. I did find a octane boost that adds 60 points....which ...

    10 points= 1 octane number.. 91 + 1 full point gets you 92.

    Which most octane boosts cost about $6 or more and for about $5 to $7 you can get a whole gallon of 98 octane or even 108...which is way better deal.

    But for a stock ski the 87 will perform the best....

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    Is this true for a stock 15f as well?

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    Yes that would apply to a 15f too. I belive they recomend 87oct as well.

    The only octane boost I have seen that did much was torco accelerator race gas additive. A 32oz can added to 10gal of 91oct gives you 102oct. I keep a can in mine just in case I have to get lake gas.

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