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    Starter - replace, used OEM, or aftermarket?

    I need opinions!

    97 Wave Venture 760 - been having starting problems, finally narrowed it down to loose connection on bottom of starter. In trying to get the connection tightened, had to pull the exhaust - during which we broke a bolt off in the motor. Couldn't get the bolt off, so we had to pull the motor. So, here is the issue - now that we have the motor out, should we go ahead and replace the starter - it is rusty as all get out - doesn't seem to have an inch anywhere on it that is not covered by rust. I hate fixing something that ain't broke - don't want to cause more problems, but would hate to have to pull the motor again down the road to replace the starter. Ski has always ran great, with very little work - we have nicknamed it "old faithful" cause it usually always cranks and runs.

    So, here are my options, would like to know what you all with experience would do:

    1. leave it as is, rust and all

    2. replace with used OEM starter (can't afford new, but I won't know what I am getting either)

    3. replace with new aftermarket starter (cost the same as used OEM).


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    Use the rusty one till it fails, Oil it up some to stop it rusting as fast.
    Lots of good used starters out there remanufactured are good too.
    Dont buy a Goki starter they are crap.

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