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    2004 RXP starting problems??

    Hey I took my ski to the island this weekend and went for lunch and came back to a ski that wouldn't start! It would turn over and almost fire then stop?? I took the spark plugs out and they were bone dry! after all that trying. I checked all the fuses then was towed home 4 hours later at 10 kph! (Canada) I have the ski home now and though it might be my fuel pump so I took it out and now I want to know how to test it so I know for sure thats what it is! pplease help.

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    I had the air idle bypass valve on the throttle body get stuck and it would do the same thing. the part is about 100 bucks. you can unbolt it from the TB and see if its stuck there is a little servo motor on it so it will be hard to move but it should move in and out. that was my prob. not sure if it will help but its an easy check.

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    I just pulled it off and it moved when I pulled it out all the way it was difficult to move back in

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    it should be ok. when mine got stuck i gave it a good pull to free it and put it back on and its been working ever since.

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    I put the fuel pump back in and it didn't work. I put some gas in the cylinders and it flashed up. then died obvously. ??? I don't know??? Please help some one!!!

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    Hey I'm thinking about swithching My ECU out of my 2004 GTX 185 s/c to my 2004 rxp 215 just to try and figure out if it's the ecu! I don't plan on running it long just to see if the unit will fire with the other ECU! what do you think?

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    Did you solve the problem??

    Hey Billman, did you get the problem solved with the rxp? Some of us that are following this thread would like to know. Diggerskip.

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