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    New owner SLT 750! Help!

    I just received a slt750 and trailer from an uncle who was upgrading.

    When using the boat today I noticed that when it hit a wave the boat would bog down and sounded different, like a whine!

    This boat was purchased in the states and immediately brought to canada. I believe not one service bulletin has ever been done on it!

    Were service bulletins like recalls and done by the dealer for free? Are they still that way?

    What are the top things I need to do to this slt to keep it running for years to come? Links to how to do it would be awesome.

    The unit is missing the cord and kill switch thing? can they be ordered? Also the blue handle or whatever its called on the back above the ski rope attachment is broke! Can that be ordered?

    The throttle is broken as well! Can they be ordered still?

    Anyone have an owners manual for this?

    thank you all for your help!
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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Start here for your service manual.
    Click here for Polaris Manuals

    Also check out this link for the Fuji (Blue) engines, great info...
    Blue Fuji Engines

    There are also needed service bulletins, etc, listed throughout the manual and on the fuji info page above. As far as having those recalls done FOC, that is most likely a thing of the past but these parts CAN be obtained, for affordable prices @ numerous resources.

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    Click below for links and useful info, including Service Bulletins and Service Manuals, and a few owners manuals

    Replacement 1994-1999 SLT seat handles are available from a member here - la90043

    Most parts are available used and new;
    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

    Click here for part numbers and parts cross references.

    Do lots of reading and searching around here, and you will find what you need to update, improve, and maintain your Polaris PWC.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Looks like they got you heading in the right direction.

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    Well I phoned polaris and they said there were no recalls on the boat! The service manual has a bunch of them! So basically they just wipe them after enough years!

    Figure Ill just use the manual for the 96 80 thats on the site!

    Well I found all the parts I needed at a polaris dealer that hasnt carried watercraft in years.

    He also showed me some cargo carrier for the back of the pwc! does anyone know if its worth to put on or how to mount it! it looks like it might get in the way!


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    Thats great! You should see what kind of parts they have left over and see if you can get a good deal on all of it. Then you could sell them on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caml View Post
    Well I phoned polaris and they said there were no recalls on the boat! The service manual has a bunch of them! So basically they just wipe them after enough years!
    If the PWC industry is anything like the auto industry, there is a difference between a "recall" and a "service bulletin." A recall is when the manufacturer is forced to notify customers because the government has determined that there is a safety issue, where a service bulletin is a voluntary action on the part of the manufacturer.

    If you inquired about "recalls" during your phone call to Polaris, that may be why they said there are none.

    Just a thought....

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