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    S150 intake - poor results

    Hi folks,

    I'm up at the lake on vacation and i'd appreciate your comments about my lack of performance improvement with a 4 inch intake.
    after one year of collecting parts I got the elbow, SS mesh intake and I'm using 4" white abs piping to mock it up. I got it all connected and tested it out. I was hoping for a 100-400 rpm increase. I got nothing but more noise which wasn't unexpected. I am surprise I got no motor speed increase.

    2006 scic ( s150)
    low hours
    70 deg f water
    85 f air temp
    7500 rpm at 3500 ft alt
    7800-7900 rpm at sea level
    91 octane
    14/19 Solas prop

    I don't know what I am doing wrong but I tried to minimize lenght and bends


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    Maybe the 4" is only beneficial to the higher boost superchargers? I am about to make my own intake so this is interesting to hear.

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    Your Sea Level RPM's are right where they should be with a 4" Intake. Add a Gibson Thru Hull, and that'll bring you right to 8100rpm's which is where you wanna be.

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    Thanks dura

    the thing is that most of my boating is at the lake (3500') and I was really hoping the intake would get me 250 rpm. That it gets me nothing makes me wonder. I don't think I will mod the exhaust- I gotta stop at some point.

    Any thoughts about the rpm?

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    what was your RPM before you put the intake on at 3500 feet you maybe have to depich prop

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    I'm about 7500 rpm at altitude with or without intake. I was hoping to leave the prop but it's an option. I was hopeful the intake would give some more rpm knowing that I'd probably overspin the prop at sea level.

    Incidently I've learnt surprisingly that the Bimini top does not effect my top speed much.

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    VW do you have a external ic .if no put one and after the exhaust.or the exhaust before if you want the sound ,but the best thing is the ic.

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    Hey there, I have an 07 Speedster 200 415 SCIC.....same here, I am at 3200 feet with RPMs around 7500.....and am thinking that I have to get different props.....14/19 or 13/18???

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