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    99 SLTH 700 Fuel System - Pressure and Venting

    My fuel cap had a hole in it. Before I discovered the hole I tried to pressurize the fuel system by blowing into the return line. Unable to pressurize the fuel system I discovered the bad fuel cap.

    I now have a good fuel cap and I can pressurize the fuel system by blowing into the return line. The relief valve pops around 1 to 2 psi. However, I never hear any air relief when I open the fuel cap, even after riding the ski. When I blow into the return line, then open the fuel cap, I hear the rush of air.

    The check valve is working properly.

    I have dual Keihin CDKII carbs, no accelerator pump.

    QUESTION - How and when does the fuel tank get pressurized?

    QUESTION - Should I hear a rush of air when I open my fuel cap?

    QUESTION - How do I verify the fuel lines are connected properly to the fuel tank?

    I believe the bad fuel cap was causing my bog/die when trying to accelerate above idle. However, I had to try a different set of carbs to completely fix the bog/die. Now I am not convinced the fuel system is pressurizing properly.

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    Well, I think I have found the problem. Actually, I had a combination of problems. My fuel cap had a hole in it, and now I have discovered my fuel pump is leaking air.

    Question - My fuel pump should not leak air between the two parts secured with the torx screws, right?

    Right now, I can not hold pressure on my fuel pump and I feel air leaking out between the pump cover and check valve block. a couple of weeks ago I installed a carb kit (non OEM). It included parts for the pump. However, I kept my old parts just in case. I can not get the fuel pump to hold pressure with the original parts or the rebuild kit parts.

    Thanks to John Zigler, I did get a set of carbs that work. Now I just need to find a Keihin fuel pump for my original carb set.

    Thanks again John Zigler for sending me working carbs !

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