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    GPS Suggestions and Specs.

    Well, After almost 9 years the old e-Trex finally tossed in the towel. I guess the electronics freaked when I hit 200mph.

    Looking for some suggestions for a replacement unit.

    What I'm looking for would actually be a "dual purpose" GPS device. To be used both in the car with "voice navigation" and clipped to a handlebar mount for speed info and lake Nav.

    Key features I'm looking for:

    > Water Resistant, handlebar mountable, battery powered w/ 12vdc external power connection

    > Large, (bright in full sunlight) Color display

    > Voice guided terrestrial Nav.

    > Included mapping software for lakes of the CONUS

    > <$200

    Am I asking for too much ?

    A question for those who already have particular models, what do / don't you like about any particular Brand / Model, or what "do you wish you knew" before you bought it...

    Suggestions ?

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    Closest I could do to with a simmilar wish list was a Garmin 76Cx.

    - handheld size
    - waterproof
    - floats
    - easy to read color screen
    - upgradable chip (put in a 2 gig card for all streets, bluecharts, and topos for hiking)
    - RXT has a holder for it

    Unfortunitly it doesn't do voice - but beeps for driving navigation. (1 beep your close, 2 beeps turn now.) It does get me where I need to go. Otherwise works great.

    Other con was price. base unit was about $300 about a year ago and then you have to buy bluecharts extra

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    The only way you are going to find all those qualifications is to go with Garmin Zumo series for motorcycles. They start at $799 though. I just bought the Nuvi 1300T and like it but any water will kill it. Trust me, killed one the first day I had it riding the bike in a slight drizzle. You are better off buying one for the ski and one for the car.

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