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    97 GTI dies during ride

    Good morning,

    Just picked up a used watercraft for the beach, its new to me. Here is some background on faults & symtoms. The first ride on it after leaving dealer it fouled a plug, resolved. It was pretty obvious. Next time out had been on for about 60 minutes towing tube, wave jumping and general cruising. It was on the return to the marina is just powered down, turn off. Looked down initally thought the DESS has slipped out being so close to the handle bar cushion. I guess a pushed it back it takes a few seconds : oil light blinks on / off then beeps ready to re-start. It appearred it did not want to do anything , this is where I thought I was out of fuel, But it was not allowing engine to turn over. Sat floated around for a bit tried again re-started no issue. This repeated a second time same scenario. Died would noy re start until a few minutes past.

    Could someone educate me on protective circuits that may have been steping in eg, overheating, water in fuel, I don't, or do I have a weak DESS. It was my second ride on the unit definitely just getting to know it. Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.


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    DESS ???

    These GTI's are they known for safety systems :
    what could cause an engine to shut down in the middle of a ride ??

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