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    Unhappy need advise 2006 FX Cruiser problem

    My buddy bought a 2006 FX Cruiser and called me about a problem. I opened the air filter cover and found LOTS of oil. Seems that someone WAY overfilled the oil tank. It was ran for probably an hour like that. We drained the oil down to where it should be, but the preformance is bland. What speed/rpms should it run? (It is totally stock, with about 50 hours on it). I recommended changing plugs and replacing the air filter. Is there a chance he did some serious damage?


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    No damage done. I mean you didn't hydrolock the motor with motor oil right? Just change the filter and plugs. You should buy the Riva power filter. It is metal mesh (K&N makes it for them) it is washable with brake clean and wont foul out next time with oil. Dont forget the anti-seize on the spark plug threads.

    Plus the Riva filter is the same price or less as the OEM paper one and will give you a mild performance increase too.

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    anyone have any used riva v stacks?

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