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    96 XP flooding issues after installing R&D intake

    have a 96 xp.
    Been reading about what could be causing my problem but could be so many things.

    I just replaced the crank pto seal and replaced the flywheel. I also installed an R&D intake flame arrestor intake. Other than that it was running before but possibly flooding issues then too.
    Compression tests at 155psi
    So I put it all back together, and ran it on my trailer. It was hard to start and it seems like the choke does nothing on this machine, even thought it fully works I dont notice a difference with it on. Usually takes the perfect throttle position to get it to fire. Once running it has always idled rough since I've owned it. (two months). I decided to set the carbs back to stock settings on the low speed screw, so i turned both carbs in all the way and then one turn out.
    It ran much smoother. While running it and giving full throttle it would shoot out black oil, big amounts at times. Not exactly sure why, but I know the previous owner had it filled up with used engine oil in the 2 stroke container. I was lucky enough to notice it when i bought it and drained it out and replaced with good synthetic.

    Bottom line it ran fine in my driveway, take to the lake and drop it in go to fire it up and wont even crank over. I realized the battery wasnt dead after hooking a booster pack to it and removing the spark plugs. The amount of fuel that shot out of the cylinders was intense. It was totally flooded.
    Dried plugs, put back in after cranking engine. Seems like alot more fuel than required is getting into the cylinders. Everytime I'd dry them and put them in, the first revolution it sounds like its about to fire up, but then nope. I give it some more tries and nothing. Remove plugs and its flooded again.

    I'm stuck.
    I guess one question would be do I need to re-jet carbs when intake is changed? I was under the impression it only needed to be done if you changed the exhaust pipe not the intake.

    anyhelp please some thoughts / suggestions

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    Your needle and seats inside the carbs are not sealing, resulting in no fuel cutoff. This is why your engine is flooding. Pull them out and reorder whatever number is stamped on the bottom.

    Welcome to GH!

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    Used engine oil? Seriously... The stupidity of people awes me.

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