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    were should i begin?

    i just bought a 89 650sx it already has full exhaust,mariner head ,mariner ride plate,k/n filter . i got it running pretty good . but this is my first standup ski. what else should i do as far as handling ? and how do i tell what prop pitch is on my ski. and any suggestions on a how to make a good prop choice. thanks in advance...

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    You didn't mention if it has an aftermarket intake grate, that will help to keep the impeller loaded in rough water. The factory impellers are dull gray in appearance, if it has a stainless impeller it should look fairly shiny and will usually be marked with the brand and pitch. Depending on the style of riding you plan to do you can go with either a progressive pitch stainless impeller for example the Skat-Trak 11/19 or a straight pitch of 15.5. I've heard the progressive pitch ones load better and have smoother power delivery but a lot of freestylers seem to like the straight 15.5. You could also change up the pump with a stainless one, they allow more water output and help to improve straight line control if I remember correctly. A short tail cone will really improve bottom end hook-up. You could either modify the stock nozzle for quicker steering or buy an aftermarket one with a bigger diameter and quick steer mounting. Zero degree handlebars will make the steering a lot nicer and less fatiguing too. An aftermarket handle pole will lighten that ski up a ton making it feel more nimble. An aftermarket handle pole spring or add in tension block will help to make the pole feel lighter. Footholds will really help you stay with the ski when things get rough or you want to do some things like barrel rolls or even jumping.

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