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    2003 FX140 Spark Plug not firing

    I could use some help. I noticed my FX140 would hit 42mph for a top speed. After examining the plugs, one spark plug is not firing and the others are fine. Plugs were recently replaced. When I looked closer near the injector, I noticed a little liquid surrounding the seal below the injector. Probably gas but not sure. Would the injector be clogged, and if so is it easy to clean out or replace?


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    I just used a timing light and the plug is firing, so i think the injector may be clogged.

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    soak the injector in purple power degreaser. use a 12v battery and aligator clips to power the injector. Use an air blower to blow through the injector while pulsing the injector with the battery. Worked for us at the shop getting 4 injectors un stuck. best of luck.

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