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    towable tube questions on an Ultra 250X

    Thinking of getting a tube so the wife and I can take turns dragging each other around the lake. looks like it would be fun. Anyone used one of these types and if so how well does the 250X pull one. enough wake to have fun? thanks for any advice since I am new to skis and have only had mine for about 2 months, never tried pulling anyone yet.

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    Plenty of wake and power but the rooster tail of an ultra hurts if it sprays you in the face. We used extra rope to do it.

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    me and my friend tow a tube just like it and a bigger one on a yamaha vx deluxe and it is pretty fun we even do wakeboarding on it and the ski is an 07 so since then it is still running good just be aware of your surroundings cause as fun as it is it could be very dangerous always check for other vessels hope it helps have fun

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    Very Fun Indeed

    We tow a tube very much like that one. We use a rope that is approximately 45 feet long to keep the person far enough away but still fun. Just be aware that many states require that you have a spotter that is rear facing when towing anyone either on a tube or skis. The 250x has plenty of power, and will be run very good with a flat tube. We had a donut (fully encased on the bottom with the fabric material) that did not handle as well behind the ski depending on how the person sat.

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    You could probably tow a coal barge up the Missouri river with a 250x......

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    I haved towed a 25' double hull sailing canoe with the slow key for about 2 miles from open ocean with my boat. No problems.

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    we town 2 person tube alot of fun no problem just watch the towing rope to not be sucked by your Ultra it happen to me once, do not exceed 30 mph while turnig, passengers will be thrown by G force out of the tube with hard impact on the water

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