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    98 gtx ltd no spark or fuel

    ok so i got the engine in i replaced all of the fuel lines. i started cranking it... i noticed there was no fuel. is there anything i have to do to get fuel in the lines and get it to the carbs or will it just start sucking eventually? also i'm not 100% sure but i dont think its getting any spark. is there a list i have to go down of things to check i tihnk the rear electrical box had water in it (the start solenoid is bad) and theres rust in it but the ignition coil is sealed so i'm not sure about what to do.

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    can anyone help me out with the resistance and what they should be and how to meaure it?

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    Well a couple easy checks you can do to help us out with what the problem is. So far we have not narrowed down to anything.

    Ok for one, put the plugs and crank it over. Pull the plugs out and see if they are wet or smell like gas. If so...well you get the idea.

    For two, plug the spark plug in and hold it touching the top of the head. Push the start button and turn the engine over. You should see a bright blue spark go across the spark plug gap. You will prob. feel this also so maybe hold it with some pliers or gloves.

    Check all the fuses in the electrical boxes. I think there are some in the black box and in the gray box. Check them both. Make sure they are all good.

    The fuel should just fill the lines no problem.

    This will tell us for sure if you do or don't have spark and fuel. I assume you have compression but that would be good to know too. Lets go from there and get back to us so you can get back on the water.


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    well theres no fuel in the lines so i dont think there would be any on the plugs. and i tried that with the spark plug. nothing. do you know what the resistence to check it and what parts of the coil to connect the meter to?

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    I don't know how to test it on that machine. But im sure the manual at the top of the 2 stroke page will have the testing procedures for each electronic part in your boat.

    Also try the search and see if that helps. Im sure someone else will charm in here soon.

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    the problem is that the 98 951 electronics are diffeerent from the rest of the 951 engine electronics

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