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    92 Waverunner 3 electrical trouble

    Hello friends. Well I got my ressurection running. 92 waverunner 3 for 250$. Had 3 great weekends on the water with it. Last outing, I took it home and went to flush it, I started it and it wouldnt stop turning the starter. My first thought when this was going on was the start stop button so I opened the hood and unplugged the connectors to them. It was still turning over. I then went straight to the battery and pulled the terminals after a harrowing 2 or 3 minutes. Then arc ed the terminal back and it still tried to start even with the start stop connectors disconnected. Definite prob. Next i fished through these posts to find what was wrong and top of the list was a starter relay. I removed it and bench tested it and it tested fine. About now I figure, ok maybe it got stuck so i put a battery disconnect inside the battery box (I bet marine patrol would love to find that) because if that happened out on the water I would have surely burned up a 200$ starter. Now to my question, the manual assumes whe are idiots an does not explain what to test next. When i tested the starter relay it said look for a needle deflection like every one doesnt know what ohms a short or open are. From what I read there are only 4 things in the electronics box. A coil, starter relay, voltage reg, and CDI. I am fairly proficient at using a multimeter and can apply 12 volts to a circuit. Where would someone with experience on one of these test next (please provide test specs for all 4 components if you have them) and what specs are you looking for? Again with all the handle bar connectors disconnected it still draws current from the battery. Thanks in advance for your help. It can get expensive just buying electronics and stuffing them in. I prefer to bench test them.

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    imt,the starter solenoids bad internally, or the wires that feed it, are possibly shorted together or are getting power from another source inside the box (maybe a rub thru).. the solenoid unit has 4 wires total, two mains and two energize feeds.. also, if the solenoid was powered by a bad battery it could arc weld closedand keep running test it by energizing the two small wires and checking for continuity on the two large..seeing as you pulled the top half off and it was still running ,you may want to strip open the lower taped wires and examine them for shorts..

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    I forgot to ask, where is the ground on this thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by artificialreef View Post
    I forgot to ask, where is the ground on this thing?
    all grounds in the box feed to a threaded wire then runs from the box to the mag asmbly, where it is bolted directly to the engine .. the heavy engine ground run's from the battery, to where its bolted to the block usually near to the starter's location...

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