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    750SS Ride Plate (WOW!)

    I picked up a used Ocean Pro ride plate last fall for my otherwise stock (except for the oil inj and crankcase drain block offs) 94 750SS. I put it on last week and finally got to ride it today. All I can say is holy crap what a difference! It was breezy here today and there was a decent chop, the kind that would have made it a wet and miserable ride with the stock plate. With the new plate it allowed me to keep the front end up when just up on plane and it helped it hook up enough that I could run it wide open for a few seconds here and there. I can't believe that something as simple as a ride plate could make such a huge difference. This has gotten me really motivated to pick up an intake grate for it now. My wife rode it about 4 miles back from the beach where we spend most of the day and she even noticed how much nicer it was to ride. Why the hell didn't Kawi build them with an extended plate to begin with?


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    How much did the new plate cost you?

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    Get an impeller and it'll be an even newer ski!

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    do you have the ocean pro (o) or (r) rideplate and which one would be the best for performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarlust View Post
    Get an impeller and it'll be an even newer ski!

    Which would you recommend?? FOr a 750SS over .5 but stock other than that

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