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Thread: 15 tooth gear

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    15 tooth gear

    Why no one came whit a new flywheel and a 15 tooth gear to make more boost?

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    It will spin the charger too fast I think.

    There is a design range within which the charger is designed to operate.. both physically, and mechanically.

    Remember the charger looses efficiency after its effective design capabilities, and spinning from the flywheel at the 8000+ rpm mark it is about right, but increase the ratio of drive, and you will get lower rpm developed boost, but at higher rpm it will start to fail to deliver with the same efficiency.

    ..... plus it might grenade itself, and/or thrash the clutches to death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc340 View Post
    Why no one came whit a new flywheel and a 15 tooth gear to make more boost?
    It's actually been done but the design thrown in the scrap heap. The 15 tooth gear makes for a weaker gear and they last about 30 minutes before shattering.

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    so is the same as high ratio diff. for drag they work but not long.

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