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    RXP-X Intercooler Question

    Ive have 92 hrs on my RXP-X and have been riding in grassy areas with no strainer. What would the symtoms of dirty intercooler be, and whats the best way to clean it.

    Ive noticed no decline in rpms or top speed, but want to know what to look for.

    Thanks for the help

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    You know what bro. I just put my strainer on about a month ago and rode it 3 weekends straight. About 8 hours. I take care not to run in the shallows and injest sand but I do notice a good bit of debris in the water from time to time.

    I have only took it off once and it just had about 20 pieces of small straw looking stuff in it. One of the guys I ride with said his had quite a bit of sand in it.

    If you ride carefully you probably only have a minimal to no debris in your intercooler. I put it on and it makes me feel better but I dont feel like it is absolutely a necessity.

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    I have the filter on and this weekend ran in some shallow water with sand bottom. My strainer was jammed with sand to the top and did it's job very well.

    Can't say the symptoms but it is probably a worthwhile purchase as all the sand I dumped out could have gone straight to the intercooler.

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    fill your intercooler with petrol for a couple of days works great cleans em out

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