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Thread: help please

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    help please

    Hey everyone I havent been on the site since I sold my Seadoo. Anyways my friend has a 2008 seadoo rxp (supercharged) and it ran great about a month ago and then on Sunday we took it at and the ski wouldnt go past 55 mph and doesnt accelerate like it should either. I looked everything over and couldnt figure anything out so he ended up letting my cousin take the ski out and go figure she takes off in a foot of water and sucks up some rocks. So now the ski would go hardly anywhere. I got the pump off and taking up to the dealer to get a new wear ring put in because its all groved up and the impeller has small chips but doesnt look that bad. Now to the question. Can anyone point me in the right direction to why the ski wont go past 55 when it ran great a month earlier? Could it be the clutch washers have gone bad? I think the ski still pulls pretty high rpms still. Please help

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    here is what you do.

    1. Knock out your friend for sucking sand and rocks.

    2. If the impeller is to damaged you might need to have it sharpened, or you will have loss of speed.

    3. take off the boot that goes to the SC inlet and grab the SC wheel and start it at WOT. JUST KIDDING DONT START IT WITH YOUR HAND IN THERE, that was just something that went right from my brain to the keyboard. lol.
    With it OFF just see if you can move the SC wheel around, and if you can spin it, that is bad.

    4. Dont let your friends ride without teaching them what can happen to the impeller if they suck something up or if they come unhooked off a sweet wave.

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    haha its not my ski Im just trying to help out a friend. Thanks for the info.

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    what rpms was it turning when it was only going 55?

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    not exactly sure but I want to say it was anywhere from 6800 to 7200 I think.

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    Way too low on R.P.M.'s IMO.......You should be no less than 7900.....8000-8100 is optimum........Also if U can post pics of the blade so that we can determine if it needs to be overhauled.CAVITATION IS DEFINATELY A SIGN THAT THERE IS DAMAGE TO PUMP ASSY.Take the boot off on the intake side of the supercharger and see if U can spin by hand, and if so that is bad news.....Take the Unit off and have Jerry service for you......If the stock washer let go, you have more problems to deal with and you must get all that debris out of there incl. internally.

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    I took the pump out and sent it up to the dealer to have them replace the wear ring so Im guessing if the impeller needs a touch up they will call my friend that Im doing all this for and let him know. Im going to check tonight when I get home to see if I can spin the wheel or not.

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    Well, at least it's a 2008, so he shouldn't have to worry about ceramic washers. But, I guess the metal washers could have failed. Is the ski still on warranty?... Ron

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    Its an 2008 so Im guessing its under warranty. If the washers have failed then hes an idiot, because I told him last year to order the upgraded washers from Jerry and I would replace them for him, but he elected not to do that.

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