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    which nozzle on my p-x???

    i have worx grate,4"kanaflex,15/22r solas.
    do i need to run stock nozzle?
    or is there a better one for my application?
    i have a brand new 83 but i see post both ways.
    i would like to keep good hole shot and get all top speed i can get.
    dont want to give up all my hole shot.
    thanx for any help.

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    what rpm you doing withthe stock nozzle? if you hitting the limiter the 83mm will drop it a little, maybe 100-150 rpm. I didn't notice much change in holeshot but I will be tuning mine for a 83-85mm ring. Some of the guys on here have said not to go smaller than 83 ring but i am like you and want to keep that killer hole shot any way.

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    i haven't installed prop is in shop
    for complete sc rebuild 70hrs.they are covering it
    under warranty though.i bought a 83 but i see alot of people are running
    the stock i was just trying to decide.
    thanx for reply

    p.s.come on guys,i no more have done this.

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    83mm works great with the 15/22r. I saw no drop in rpms and gained 1.5mph by switching only the nozzle.

    and by "feel" i couldnt tell the difference in acceleration. good luck

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    Ill let you know later this weekend, putting the 83mm on tomorrow. hope to see the same results as CTRiver.

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    my friend just installed an 83mm nozzle on his. we'll also be testing it this weekend.

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    jayohentran is rite.. I'll be testing the 83mm nozzle this weekend... I didn't have the money to buy the real expensive Riva adjsutable reduction nozzle... so I just bought a stock RXP nozzle, which measures 83mm and a bit teller then the X-model 87mm nozzle... I will post MPH sunday nite...

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    Thumbs up

    I've tried about every nozzle size out there... Anything smaller than an 83mm will noticeably effect hole shot, especially with the 15/22r. Personally, I've found a 3blade with an 83mm nozzle gives the best balance of hole shot and top speed.

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    83mm. If you run tighter you will likely cavitate. And you will definitely increase your chances of eating the bars if you run tighter rings above 78 or so.

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