Sponsored Racer Robert Carreon

LB2CAT 2009 National PWC Offshore Championships, July 12th, 2009

Robert 'Dubz' Carreon is a mainstay racer on the Race Team. Dubz style is lean and mean, he possesses tenacious drive on the course and is a stalwart supporter of Offshore racing. A true warrior in spirit and focus.

Name Robert Carreon

Race Boat Make/# 2007 KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X, #21


Time for the race: 71:11

Placing for the Race 9th overall

Why did you choose the class you raced in and what does it mean to you?
I was told I was sandbagging last year after only my 2nd year of racing, so I decided to step up to the Pro AM class this year and see what I was made of.

Your position as best you could determine on the start?
Top 5 and closing!

What did you do the day before, any preparation?
No, the boat had been prepped the week before, final dial in and all systems were a go! Aaron Cress, and Steve Friebe had the craft running extremely well.

I had some final stickers to apply, and set up my GPS. Other than that, it was a relaxing Saturday!

What were you thinking of the night before?
Get a good start, line up in a good spot, make sure your GPS is set to the correct screen. And hammer it. Iíve learned a lot over the last 2 years, learned from my mistakes, and I try not to repeat them. Oh, and I was thinking of crossing the line firstÖ.Guess that didnít happen though.

I was also thinking dang, Iím missing the UFC fight because I knew I needed to go to sleep early.

Why did you choose the boat you raced?
Its all I have, so its not really a choice.

What time did you wake up!

2 Hours out of the race, what were you doing?
Trying to find a place to eat at! Sundays, most spots are closed that early!

1 Hour out of the race what were you doing?
Getting all my gear on! Mentally preparing for the race.

Praying for rough water.

What was your first thought when you picked your position in the lineup for the start?
Paul Pham is to my left, should I find another positionÖ'Most spots are taken up already, maybe Iíll just stay here. Where are all the big dogs, so I donít get behind anyoneís wash. Make sure youíre by some stock boats and get clean water'.

As the start went off, and you passed the Queens Gate (harbor mouth) What was going through your mind?
1. Oh yeah, the boat is feeling REALLY good, Iím in the top 5 and closing!

2. Wait, WTF, whatís that noiseÖDoes not sound right.

3. Oh $hit!

4. Sounds like a fouled a plug, there go my chances of winning!

5. Then I started getting passed!

How was the first 10 miles of the race for you?

Iíd had a craft running in the top 5 at the breakwall, and knew Iíd be able to hang onto that position, possibly gain on some Sea Dooís as well. But frustrated, and disappointment was my thought! Nothing physical at all.

When you came to the turnaround boat, how were you feeling?How was your boat doing in those conditions?
Physically not a single problem!

Again, still frustrated and disappointed in the craft going down on me.

I just figured MAYBE it will magically kick in, and Iíll make a comeback. Not the case though.

Half way back did you hit a psychological or physical wall?
Physically, No, the water was favorable that day. Mentally I was upset.

Any mechanicals failures?
Yes, just outside the breakwall I had a plug foul on me, guaranteeing me no chance at achieving my main goal. I was 99% sure it was a plug, so I figure screw it, Iíll run on 3 plugs!

Did you have any 'Battles' during the race with other competitors you especially enjoyed?
No, my battles were to be with the top 4 guys! Unfortunately it just was not meant to be. I did have a little fun with Warren Frank, Cheing Lue, and Kevin Shaw though.

What advice would you give to recruit other racers to this event?
Just do it! Train, prep your craft, have the essential riding gear, and go for it.

You only live once, make it worthwhile

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Dubz and his beautiful wife at the awards program


Friebe and Dubz at tech inspection