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    coil compatiblility

    I have a bad coil on a '93 ProVXR. (Actually, I think the coil is ok, but the integrated plug wires are bad). Can I use the coil off my '89 WR500? They look the same physically, but I don't want to fry the CDI, by using incompatible electronic components. Thanks!

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    this sounds like and eric question, bring the red text! haha

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    Different Part Numbers for the Coils

    '93 ProVXR # 61L-85570-00-00
    '89 WR500 # 6K8-85570-10-00

    However if you are crafty, you can repair your existing coil by replacing the plug wires. The plug wires on your coil are notorious about breaking. I had it happen on three different boats, one of those boats was only 2 years old with very little riding time.

    First I would try just trimming the wires and installing new terminals and boots. Remove the boots and terminals and take pliers and tug on the wires. Remove the fragmented wire and cut the sheathing back until the good wire exposed. The install fresh terminals and boots. Hopefully your plug wires will still be long enough to use.

    If not you can dig out the old wire and epoxy and install new 8mm wire and epoxy them back in. Take care to not damage the prongs on the coil while digging out the epoxy. This is tedious work

    Having said all that I have few spare coils or flea bay

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    Pilo whats your problem? I have one giving me fits..

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