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    STX 15F Meter Assembly


    I posted this in the Kawasaki General forum, but that area is a ghost town.. so please forgive the repost.

    It looks like my meter assembly has gone bad. Initially, it would sort of lock up. Some of the LCD Segments would be permanently lit and no information would be updated. The display would remain lit for up to an hour after the ski was turned off. Randomly, it would reset itself and work normally for a while. Now, the display is just dark and the ski appears to be stuck in limp home mode. Occasionally the display will magically run through the beep beep diagnostic, thus enabling the ski to work normally until it sits long enough for the display to power off again.

    My questions: Is the meter assembly a direct swap? Do I need the diagnostic software/leads to replace this unit or can I bolt the replacement assembly in and go? Also, do I need to remove the entire housing, steering and all to do so? I haven't found a good diagram to answer that question. Basically, are there any caveats i should know about in replacing this unit?


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    the meter is a direct swap, ck with your dealer first before buying one. they can call the tech line and see if you can get a replacement for free. if it,s out of warrenty they sometimes will still replace it.

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    a friend of mine also has this same problem and looking for a replacement. One dealer quoted $900 and said it takes about an hour to install. We removed the meter assembly pretty easily. Going in and out of SLO mode, LCD only partially lighting up, low battery light blinking, (even with a brand new battery).

    Please keep us posted with your progress!

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    order direct if needed

    Here is the cheapest OEM replacment I can find...

    25031SKU: 25031-3754

    Still freakin xpensive

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    Darn. I paid ~$650 (local dealers wanted ~$800) shipped for it from which was the cheapest I had found.

    The swap went smoothly. I was surprised at how much I had to remove to get to it, though. All the steering equipment had to come off, the major cowl piece, of course, and even a mirror! But, I had it all apart in less than 45 minutes, and back together even faster than that. All the beep beeps and the LCD screen now work like they're supposed to when they're supposed to. I haven't had it on the water yet to confirm it runs like it should, but I have no doubts that it will.

    Curiosity got the best of me, as it usually does. The old assembly seemed to be sealed. I could find nothing wrong with it from the outside... But when I pulled the rubber grommet loose that the wires pass through, about a cup of water poured out of it. That was nice while sitting at my computer desk.

    I then took the old die grinder and cut the housing in half so I could get at the electronics inside. I don't know how that display worked at all in the last days. There were burnt out circuits and rust and popped solder connections...

    I found some discoloration on the mating surfaces of that grommet I spoke about, but I really don't understand how that much water got inside that unit when it seemed to be sealed perfectly fine.

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    I know it is sealed but my guess would be that in the recent past you rolled it over? This is how one of my past Kawi ski's suffered the very same problem.

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    Of course I rolled it over. Several times. I have always ridden my skis hard and rarely in a straight line. And with 3 people riding, none of them wanting to let go, it's going to rollover on occasion. It ought to have been designed to handle the occasional rollover better. My Yamaha never had this problem.

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    I have the same problem with my 06 15f, is there a way to bypass the meter so I can get it out of SLO mode, like unhook the cables? until i can get up the $$$ for a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyL View Post
    I have the same problem with my 06 15f, is there a way to bypass the meter so I can get it out of SLO mode, like unhook the cables? until i can get up the $$$ for a new one?
    i do have a gage from an 07 in proper working order let me know if anyone needs one shipping included with the right offer

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    I know it's an old thread, but the answer to WHY your meters went bad can probably be found here:

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